j o l a n d e  v a n  l i t h

Jolande van Lith studied photography and creative design.
In 1986 she became established as an independant photographer.
Her work already portraying her interest in the experience
surrounding death and religion.
The dialogue and inner struggle of the human mind.
This resulted in successful exhibitions in The Netherlands and abroad.

In 1994 she withdrew from photography and started a study in psychology.
(Nowadays she is specialised in Personality Disorder &
Mentalization Based Treatment.)
During that time she also began the search for other art forms.
New form of expressions; like abstracts in acrylic on linnen.
After that discovery Jolande started building her pictures up in layers using
various disciplines and techniques.


“ I practice an autodidact freedom in the use of materials,
remaining uninhibited and unlimited in my technique.
My work offers the possibility to portray depth and structure.
Through the use and combination of unusual materials and colours surprising
opportunities arise. I challenge myself every day.
Authenticity in simplicity is the guarantee of my work method.
My fascination surrounding deterioration is what I try to communicate
in all my art forms. Emotions such as pain and sadness are palpable in
the absence of figurative representations.
First impressions are often deceiving;
the layers of the soul bare a dreamy darkness.."


To complete her art she is always looking for antique and brocante lists.
She travels throughout Europe to find them.
In fact the list and the search for it is part of her art proces.

An old list has a story of its own.

Sometimes enthroned with images or photos rough, guileless removed.
These lists will get a new life.

They are checked and lovingly restored but not that they are perfect.

Not at all, the defects and the devastation are part of the artwork.

It is the sadness and resurrection of past glory.


Jolande van Lith’s raw and uncensored passion haunts her work;
it’s intensity casting a mysterious powerfull shadow that is uniquely hers.
Jolande lives and works in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
You can find her work in collections all over the world.

Nominated ''artist of the year 2018'' by Stichting Kunstweek,
she is now in the Top 100 most valued contemporary artist.
Nominee International Palm Art Award 2016 & 2017.
Winner Leonardo da Vinci Award 2018.


Registered at the BKKC & Pictoright.

jolande van lith

         Her creativity started at a very early age and hasn't stopped since..